Galleries 2008

Stills from the Official Film Selection 2008

43. S.O.S. Shout42. Rebet Hero41. Down Town40. Troubled Times39a. Little Dinosaurs39b. Fetch
38a. Empty Room37. Paper Head (Άνθρωποι με Χάρτινο Κεφάλι)36. Alkyoni35. Den Xreiazetai34. Paraitisi33. Paradise Lost of Found
32. Short on Luck31a. Olympos30a. Mindfluid30b. Anemones29. Rascal's Street28. One minutes Passing
27. The Bugs &  the Fleas26. Dancing Queen25a. Summer Recollections24. Golden Fish23. Indoor Western22. Identitaet



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