Galleries 2010

Stills from the Official Film Selection 2010

1. A Friend3. Il sogno di Giada13. Retro disk chunter12. Here & There11. Anche le parole uccidono10. Tree and Shadow
9. The future of the polar bear8. Positive and Negative7. Wake up6. Leave5. Death4. I'm a stranger here myself
21. Rewind20. Great expectations19. Gone18. Passion17. Budsuba15. Respiro
14. My uncle was always at Grandma's16. Amer(i)ca24. The naughty list28. Psychonologic27. Driven by boredom26. Losing my self-control

3rd International Thermaikos Film Festival 2010: film stills, a set on Flickr.

Various photo moments from the Festival night 2010


MOMENTS 2010, a set on Flickr.


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