Special Call: Thessaloniki 1912 – 2012

Thermaikos Film Festival/Thessaloniki 1912 – 2012

A film for Thessaloniki: in light and darkness


The historical context

2012 marks the centenary of its liberation of Thessaloniki City from the Ottomans. In 1912, Thessaloniki was incorporated into the Greek State. A new period in its long history was thus inaugurated. The physiognomy of the city changed radically, large waves of refugees and economic migrants settled, other populations were expelled and the urban landscape was entirely transformed.

The city is preparing to celebrate this anniversary of liberation, facing plenty of challenges for its future development and approaching the shocking historical events of the last 100 years through a new lens.

Special call – concept

On the occasion of this centenary, we invite you to join us in this celebration by creating a film up to 2 minutes about our city of Thessaloniki. The general concept – which bears an affinity to this year’s Festival slogan “Lights on” – is “Thessaloniki in light and darkness”. The concept framework leaves plenty of room for artistic freedom, interpretation and expression. We will be glad and proud to receive films about Thessaloniki (with their own unique title) according to the general regulation of the Festival.

All the films will be screened at a special tribute section of the 5th Thermaikos Film Festival. A special prize will be awarded to the best film.

Please send us your films which must not exceed the duration limit of 2 minutes to the following address.

The general regulation of the Festival applies to this special call as well (https://thermaikosfilmfestival.wordpress.com/regulation/  https://thermaikosfilmfestival.wordpress.com/call-for-entry/).

REGISTRATION FORM thess 1912-2012

For cultural use only

Thermaikos Municipality

Cultural Department-ΔΗ.Π.Π.Α.Κ.Υ.Θ.

Κonstantinou Varnali 2, N. Michaniona, 57004

Thessaloniki, Greece



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