Please, pay attention to the following points:

  • The organizing team is independent and autonomous and the one to determine and designate the artistic structure, values, goals, identity and aesthetics of the Festival.
  • The organizing team gladly accepts critique and comments from third parties, especially from people with a solid cinema background, training and professional experience, but from the cinephile audience as well. Creative feedback is welcome and desirable, whereas malevolent, malicious and self-interested criticism is aborted.

  • There is no registration fee.
  • The maximum length of the film can reach up to two minutes, including titles.
  • Accepted film formats: avi, compression-DV-PAL, 48 kh sound, files written on disc, PAL video DVD (standard definition at least).
  • There is no limitation in film genre (i.e. action, drama, animation, experimental, documentary, commercial, flash movie, stop-motion, etc.) or in the thematic. Only video art is excluded.
  • There is no age limit.

  • All submissions will be subject to an evaluation and selection procedure run by the jury of the festival.
  • The jury is entitled to reject films due to obscene, racial, offending or advertising content, according to the judgement of its members.
  • The jury will be announced each year. Its members are always renowned and established personalities from the world of film and theatre.

  • Film projects will not be returned for any reason and the festival retains the right to use the material for advertising and promotional purposes as well as for general cultural use (not commercial of course) or for the establishment of a digital library, at any time in the future.
  • The organizing team is not responsible for possible mishaps (loss or damage), which may occur during mailing the projects (in case of traditional post delivery).

  • There are audience and jury category prizes in the festival competition which will be defined every year as they are not yet permanently fixed. The jury may decide to award a special prize or a special mention, apart from the fixed categories.
  • Live audience voting procedure: anyone can vote only once and only after the screenings conclusion, neither in the intermissions nor at any prior time (minimum age: 10 years old). If someone doesn’t wish to watch all the films and would like to leave earlier, there is no possibility for voting. In this way, the festival aims to safeguard the correct, smooth and just flux of the whole procedure, thus guaranteeing the elimination of possible bias or travesty in the results.
  • Filming, photographing or taping is strictly prohibited during the film screenings, according to the National Copyright Law.
  • Money prizes will be announced each year and will depend on the financial rigor of the Cultural Centre. The payment of the money prizes to the winners is also connected to the bureaucratic context and conditions of the Cultural Centre.